Dark Council

About the Dark Council

The Dark Council is the body of Sith Lords, and Dark Lords of the Sith that govern the entire Sith Remnant. This body is lead by a Head of the Dark Council who is nominally known as the Emperor but his/her power is limited compared to the days of Emperor Palpatine. The Dark Council holds the majority of power not a single individual.

Each Dark Lord on the Dark Council is the leader of an entire Sphere of Influence within the Sith Remnant. Under a Dark Lord/Lady is one Sith Lord/Lady who serves as the second in command of that Sphere of Influence. In certain circumstances there may be multiple Lords/Ladys under a single Dark Lord should a Sphere prove to need more than one to manage its affairs. 

Each Dark Council member’s goal is to maintain their Sphere and attempt to make their Sphere the greatest and most efficient in the Empire. They also collectively make decisions on affairs that transcend the boundaries of Spheres.

Members of the Dark Council:

Emperor: Darth Baum 




Darth Baum is the Founder and Emperor of the Sith Remnant. In real life he is a pilot in the military and has a degree in Computer Science. On November 2017 Darth Baum formed the Sith Remnant as a hub for casual gaming and to have a fun Sith organizational element. Darth Baum with the other founders formed a Dark Council. Darth Baum initially served as the Dark Lord of the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy the most affluent Sphere for a fledgling and growing Sith Remnant. He would be equal in rank and authority to the other sitting members on the Council. In the summer of 2018 would ascend to the position of Dark Council leader. Then he would take up the mantle of Emperor following organizational changes and hierarchy shifts in Dark Council Executive Decision Eradani 73.


Shadow Hand of the Remnant: Darth CamoHammer 

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Dark Lord of the Sphere of Expansion: Darth Helvikan














More commonly known as “The Helv”, Darth Helvikan is a member of the Sith Remnant’s Dark Council. He currently is the Dark Lord of its Sphere of Expansion and Propaganda. In other words, he with Lord Minister Elizabeth/Raïstlïn oversee the expansion and recruiting efforts on the various games the Remnant is implanted. He is also the Senior Expansionary Staff Officer for the Star Wars: The Old Republic powerbase in addition of other Star Wars games such as Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons.


Prior to the Remnant era, Darth Helvikan played different games such as SPORE before hearing about SWTOR in 2013. When he started playing, he was a part of a clan called Why so Serious. He then worked his way up as a top-ranking officer. However, it fell apart after a drama with the leadership. Later, Darth Helvikan joined the True Sith of Exar Kun multi-gaming community, formerly known as the biggest guild on every SWTOR server. Once again, Darth Helvikan worked his way up. In fact, he became the leader of the guild’s Dark Council. Nonetheless, the guild started to decline since it was active on more than 100 different games. In the end, Darth Helvikan decided to leave, as he did not have fun anymore in this loneliness.


This brings us on March 10th, 2019, when Darth Helvikan joined the Sith Remnant. The next day, he became a part of the Imperial Military by being assigned of the Imperial flagship’s decoration. He then joined the Sphere of Expansion and Propaganda and became a Recruitment Officer for SWTOR. A couple months later, on July 21st, 2019, Darth Helvikan was appointed as the new Minister/SWTOR Expansionary Staff Officer. He assumed this position during several months before becoming the Sith Lord of the Sphere. During the next year, Darth Helvikan oversaw the expansion and recruiting efforts of the Remnant alongside Darth CamoHammer. Then, on June 20th, 2020, Darth Helvikan became the Head of the Sphere of Expansion, therefore the guild’s “Recruiter-In-Chief”.


Outside of the Remnant, Darth Helvikan is studying for a political science bachelor's degree. He even shows a great penchant for the United States political system. Furthermore, he has various interests: during the day, Darth Helvikan is a touristic guide at a local museum of his hometown, while during the night, he has been doing improvisational theatre for the past 10 years (and still does). Finally, his accent really makes him special amongst the Remnant because English is not his primary language. Indeed, he is a French Canadian, and speaks French above all.


In sum, Darth Helvikan is a good example of perseverance and leadership amongst the Sith Remnant. Thereupon, the guild is always looking for new people that are interested in helping the guild’s expansion and recruiting efforts. By becoming a Recruitment Officer, you do not only become a part of the Remnant’s Chain of Command: you also get to become a true leader in the community and a mentor to its population. With that in mind, remember the words of Emperor Palpatine: “Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy and we shall have peace.”


Dark Lord of the Imperial Military: Darth Endor

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Sith Lord of the Sphere of Expansion (SWTOR): Lord Minister Elizabeth/Raïstlïn

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Sith Lord of the Imperial Military (SWTOR): Lord Admiral Havanah

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Dark Lord of the Sphere of Technology: Darth Scárlxrd

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 Sith Lord of the Sphere of Technology: Lord Director Rii

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Open Seats:

Sith Lord of the Imperial Military (PC)

Sith Lord of the Imperial Military (Xbox)

Sith Lord of the Sphere of Expansion (Xbox)

Sith Lord of the Sphere of Expansion (PC)