History of Remnant

This is the place where the official lore and embodiment of information relating to our clan's story and its lore will derive from. In the wake of the Yuuzhang Vong War the galaxy reels from the most destructive war that has happened in the galaxy and one of the only conflicts not fueled by the rivalry of the Jedi and the Sith. The people of the galaxy for the most part have forgotten the threat of the Sith Empire of old and even have forgotten the evils of Palpatine as being Sith in origin or maybe not as terrible as the New Republic once believed. The galaxy believes the Sith are completely eliminated and the only threat forcewielders present are from fallen Jedi.


Only the Jedi remember the evils of the Sith but they do not realize that it has been growing in secret in the former sectors of space where the Sith existed and grew 1000s of years ago. The Sith are just a Remnant of the great Empire they used to be and embody. The Empire may be a remnant of itself but that will not last forever. Even a Remnant is powerful when it is a Remnant of the Sith. Once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy!


So the question remains... where do you play into this story? You find yourself a protagonist in this story one way or another so what choices will you make? There is many ways to participate all you need is to start walking down the path to the Dark Side...

Time Period:

30 years after the Battle of Yavin (ABY) just after the Yuuzhang Vong War. Most major characters from Legends, Books, Shows, etc are not present in this galaxy. So no Luke Skywalker currently. The New Republic did not fragment during the Yuuzhang Vong war but instead was able to turn back the threat with an alliance with the Empire while still maintaining the identity of the New Republic after the fall of Coruscant.

Factions & Important Characters:

New Republic - the descendant of the Rebel Alliance they are stronger militarily than the Old Republic. With several Fleets and unwavering ideals of Democracy. A lot of corruption is present in their ranks and threatened their destruction in the YZV war. They hold Coruscant as their Capital.


Jedi - an order of Force wielders that work with the New Republic. They have special control over Ossus, Yavin IV and Tython.


Galactic Empire (Imperial Remnant) - Capital of Bastion this is the descendants of the Galactic Empire that once controlled the entire galaxy. They are resentful of the New Republic but have a tentative treaty with them. They also believe that had they be in power the YZV war would have been different


Pentastar Alignment - Similar to the Imperial Remnant they are an offshoot of the Empire and use a lot of Clone Wars era tech in their sphere of influence. They control the Coorporate Sector and tend to be financially motivated


Corellia - Republic member world but fiercely independent


Mandalorians - Warriors that are starting to gather at Mandalore again for what purpose?


Chiss Ascendancy - Capital Csilla and have light agreements with the Empire but they defend themselves first and foremost. Pragmatic people.


Hutts - Criminal Syndicate and owner of the vast region of Hutt Space. Slavery and crime is rampant and under their control. Only real rival in the field is the Black Suns.


Yuuzhang Vong - Disappeared with Zonoma Sekot into the unknown regions. A few fanatics rove the galaxy looking for honor and glory.


Sith Remnant - Capital Dromuund Kaas and based in Sith Space. Follow the Sith Code and desire the galaxy under their control.

Darth Baum - the Emperor of the Sith Remnant and a Dark Lord of the Sith. He is the most powerful dark side user in the Sith Remnant and rarely now leaves his seat of power at Dromuund Kaas. He is human and rumored to possess many of Palpatine's force abilities including the ability to create a wormhole through the force similar to lightspeed.