Laws and Foreign Policy

The Laws:

The laws are separated into 4 tiers, the severity of the punishment will vary from tier to tier. If a person constantly disobeys the laws, they will inevitably be banished. The punishments are final and cannot be disputed or further actions will come.

Tier 1:

  • Disrespect to Higher Ups

  • Disrespect to Other Members

  • Causing Unnecessary Arguments

  • Attempting to Purposely Demote Higher Members of the Sith

Tier 2:

  • Insubordination

  • Trying to Force Yourself Up the Ranks

  • Fighting Members for No Reason

  • Setting Up Unauthorized Expedition Forces

  • Not Fulfilling Your Orders

  • Posting Pornographic Material

Tier 3:

  • Growing a Resistance

  • Taking Members from the Remnant

  • Arguing with the Dark Council after Final Decision has been made

  • Adding Members that were recently Kicked

Tier 4:

  • Conspiring against the Remnant

  • Attempt/Attack on the Dark Council and/or any members

  • Attempting a Coup

  • Posting Links to Other Clans

  • No Racism/Sexism/Rape Remarks

Diplomacy Standards

When considering brokering an alliance

  • We will not merge into any other groups or communities and our sovereignty will not be infringed. 

  • We expect realistic quid pro quo… we do not make alliances for nothing

  • We are very interested in anything that will lead us to participating in more battles 

    • In other words if you need more manpower to help with a war or a battle please let us know, the Force is conflict made manifest 

    • Though if it is in lack of better words a silly squabble between teenager clans then we will most likely opt out.

  • All alliances require a representative to be on our Discord and vice versa

  • There will be no advertising your group on our Discord

  • We will not advertise for your group and we do not ask you to recruit for us either

  • We will consider joining into alliances and coalitions on a case by case basis.

When considering merging into the Sith Remnant

  • Depending on your numbers and strength of arms we will appoint you a rank and position appropriate to the station and title

  • While we will not directly appoint you to a seat in the Dark Council after a month trial period you will be eligible to obtain a seat

  • The Sith Remnant is first and foremost a meritocracy… ability and skill trump service length or knowing the right people. Keep that in mind.