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The Sith Remnant is lead by the Head of State known as the Emperor and is a Dark Lord of the Sith. This Emperor has absolute and total authority over aspects of the Sith Remnant though in actuality has delegated much authority to the Dark Council and those below to foster an efficient system that function without constant approval from the Emperor.

Below the Emperor lies their second in command the Shadow Hand of the Sith Remnant. This is a deputy and has essentially the same authority as the Emperor.


Below these two individuals lie the powerful Dark Council. The Dark Council is made up of multiple Dark Lords of the Sith and a second in command who retains the title of Sith Lord. Each pair oversees a vast aspect of the Sith Remnant known as a Sphere. 


The Spheres encompass a huge component of the Sith Remnant’s functionality and while there is slight overlap it is intended to provide distinct areas that differ from each other in practice.


The average member without a leadership role in a Sphere will serve as a member of a particular power base (game) and is welcome to participate in all the events and activities that Power Base holds.


A Power Base is the fundamental unit of structure within the Remnant. A Power Base is an entire game's operations, IE SWTOR has a Power Base and the video game Halo would constitute a Power Base. Lead by a Warlord or Grand Admiral (depending on the size of the Power Base's Operations) they run effectively everything that happens on a single game within the Sith Remnant. They appoint and oversee Staff Officers who then oversee the recruitment, events and technology needs for that game. It varies game to game and most who end up becoming Warlords end up with a spot on the Dark Council. Effectively they are leading a tiny clan within the Remnant and that is something that takes a lot of work, trust and dedication. We appreciate our Warlords and give them plenty of leeway to accomplish their mission. They answer directly to the Dark Council and have several officers under their command.

Spheres of Influence in the Empire:

A Sphere of Influence covers a distinct section of affairs within the Sith Remnant. A Sphere for example might control all affairs related to technology. Thus the Sphere of Technology is the primary authority for all aspects of technology that the Sith Remnant utilizes. A Sphere is overseen directly by a single member on the Dark Council. To join a Sphere a member needs to get permission from that Dark Lord of the Sith though if you have the ability and the drive to join one there is little reason to get turned down.

Sphere of the Imperial Military:

The Sphere of the Imperial Military is the most responsible for the ingame happenings of the Sith Remnant. They are the ones that coach and nurture the Warlords the most to ensure that the average member is enjoying their time in the game. They will be the ones to keep the Warlords accountable and to make sure the Imperial Military Staff Officers and Junior Officers are up to date on their duties. 


Staff Officer Title - Moff

Junior Officer Title - Commander

Sphere of Expansion:

The Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy handles the recruiting and expansion of the Sith Remnant. This includes brokering deals with other entities in the games we operate in to recruiting new members. All recruitment posts and ingame recruiting is overseen by this Sphere.


Staff Officer Title - Minister

Junior Officer Title - Herald

Sphere of Sphere of Technology:

The Sphere of Technology handles the development and management of all Sith Technological Pursuits. To put it simply they oversee anything that requires more than just the average amount of technical ability to handle. This includes Discord Server, Website Development, Youtube Video creation and much more. Those in this Sphere typically also require a degree of trust and faith by the Emperor himself as mismanaging the technological assets of the Sith Remnant can lead to drastic consequences.


Staff Officer Title - Director

Junior Officer Title - Engineer

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