Post Eternal Throne and Onslaught


The Sith Empire once owning over half the entire Galaxy was beginning to feel the losses inflicted on them after the Fall of the Sith Emperor. The strongholds of Dromuund Kaas and Ziost continue to hold and their defenses are strong. The worlds of the Republic continue to unify while the worlds of the Empire begin to fracture. Every Dark Lord appears to want to be one in charge and without an immortal Sith Emperor everyone is craving the power but no one truly embodies it. The Imperial Military is the main unifying force in the galaxy and a makeshift alliance of Dark Lords hold the struggling Empire afloat. Aboard the Dark Mirage is the main command force of the Sith Remnant. They control a task force that is roving the galaxy searching for easy hit and run targets to harm the Republic. The Darth Shinomiya is in control here and beneath her number many from Imperial Intelligence, Sith Warriors, Inquisitors and even a few bounty hunters and Mandalorians. Can this task force hold the Sith together or will they be all thats left after it is said and done?